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Dark Era: Chapter 1 update, now with new voice!

2007-07-24 02:53:43 by Falco-09

I just updated the old version of Chapter 1, it now has the voice of Scott Oka.

Here's the brief description of the movie.

"A guy wakes up only to find that he's alone in the city... or is he?"

Chapter 2 is currently in development, with luck i will have it done in the following week, at least that's why i hope.

I'll be making updates of the progress, in the meantime, you can check this one.

Dark Era: Chapter 1 update, now with new voice!


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2007-09-04 10:22:41


Falco-09 responds:

First reply !!


2008-05-22 11:15:59

Hey love the movie are you still making it? and can you give like a time frame of when it will be complete. I respect theat these take time just wanted to know if your still doing it.

Falco-09 responds:

Damn this sure is a late, late, late reply. Anyway, in case you read it the progres of chapter 2 got like stuck, because i had some problems and i couldnt finish it. I hope i can continue the series someday, but i really want to give a lot more importance to the plot.


2008-07-03 11:47:51

I just saw your updated version very nice you took out the funny parts and your playing it serious the voice acting is very good i also notice from the original you updated a lot of stuff and animations to it or am i just imagining it ... so far so good it shows me that this series will be great i hope to see the next installment soon...

Falco-09 responds:

The funny parts were cut because i was told that they really didnt fit in there and ruined the pace.