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Entry #1

The Beginning

2007-07-17 19:06:36 by Falco-09

Yeah! The new era in newgrounds!

I really liked the redesign, i'll start this thing with a few words.

As you people know (well, the ones who know anyway) i'm making this series, Dark Era, i'm doing chapter 2 right now, but i need voice actors (i need a voice actor for chapter 1 too) so if anyone is interested, just send me a PM, i think the series are going to be really good, but i need people who can give me their voices, this is the only thing delaying the chapters.

I know that there's a lot of flaws in Dark Era: Chapter 1, principally the voice, but i'm still a n00b with flash (yeah, already with the excuses...) and i'll keep improving.

As a side note, i bought a digitalizing tablet, it's great, i'm able to work way faster with this... mouse days are over, at least for drawing hehehe.

And at last, i have a pic of Dark Era: Chapter 2 just for fun, and because this proves that it's not a dropped project :) ( i don't know if i can upload more pics, if there's a way to do so, tell me, i'll upload more)

The Beginning


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