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Dark Era: Update

2007-07-18 21:47:56 by Falco-09

I finally found voice actors!

I can continue with the series, i'm going to give the lines to this guys, and in the following days i should have them.

In the meantime i'll be working with the animation, and i'm fixing some thing in Chapter 1. I'm going to update Chapter 1 with the new voice, i think i'll do it when i upload the other one.

The progress for the current chapter is:
-Animation: 50%
-Voice: 0% (this should be 100% in the following days)
-Sound: 50%

Hopefully i'm going to release it in like a week or two, so if anyone's interested, this is the place where i'm going to be giving updates of the project.

And finally, here's another pic of Chapter 2:

Dark Era: Update


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